SOLITEK price change.


Dear Partners,


The post-pandemic recovery is in full swing, but the rate of acceleration in the cost of raw materials has reached unprecedented levels. A shortage of shipping containers and bottlenecks at ports have made matters worse and increased the cost of moving products around the world, which lead to increase demand for EU made products.


These global processes also affect the production and prices of our products.


Prices have been growing already due to:

  • Increased Cell prices
  • Transportation costs increase


Now we have been facing another price increase for the last 2 to 6 weeks due to:

  • EVA and POE Foil – prices increased by 34%
  • Aliuminum – prices increased by 10%
  • Cells – prices increased +8%,
  • PV panels material and component transportation costs both from EU and especially outside, increased - especially PV cell air freight from our suppliers – 70%

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